Finding A Great Tax Attorney Is Easier This Way!

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a-great-tax-attorneyIf you are looking for a way to reduce your troubles of finding a great tax attorney you have come to the right place. Here we will be discussing what the best ways are for you to find a great tax attorney and what you can do to navigate your way through legal problems you may have with your taxes. Also, remember that this is a pretty common situation and that everyone could be going through it at one point in their lives, so it is really important to learn more about it in general even if you do not need services of a tax attorney at the moment.

When Should I Get A Tax Attorney?

So, the majority of people decide to think about getting a tax attorney when they end up in a legal situation or find themselves within a legal problem because of their taxes. It is something an accountant cannot help you with, but you rather have to hire a tax attorney or will be able to resolve this difficult legal situation. Certainly, if you find yourself in such a position, it is certainly better to look for a tax attorney right away you rather than to wait. A tax attorney will help you build your case and stand your legal grounds. They will also advise you on many things regarding your taxes in general.

Knowing Where To Look Will Save You Troubles

Also, it is not just necessary to look for a tax attorney embarked if you are in a legal problem it is in your best interest that you find a tax attorney that also knows what to do. This is why it is not just important how hard you look for a tax attorney but also we are you look for a tax attorney. The best advice I can give you is to try and find someone with the legal certificate and permission to practice tax law. Because just like any other type of lawyers tax attorneys also need permission to practice law and sufficient experience to be able to do so effectively.


Knowing What To Ask Is Essential

When you find someone you believe would be a good tax attorney, it is also important to know what to ask them when you go through your progress of elimination. So you to prepare questions for your tax attorney that you will be asking several tax attorneys before you hire the one for you.

Questions For Your Tax Attorney

Questions For Your Tax AttorneyIs It Legal?

If you have any doubts whether something is legal or not it is advisable that you visit a tax attorney will help you resolve this problem.

Can You Help Me?

When you are already in a legal situation that requires help from a tax attorney make sure you explain the situation your potential tax attorney and as them whether they believe they can help you and what strategy they would use.

Advantages and disadvantages of online tax filing

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Online tax

Modern era has brought many advantages and many facilitating tools for our everyday activities. Thanks to computers and the Internet, it is possible to file tax online, using an electronic form and the tax filing software. It is not obligatory to choose this method, yet a majority of taxpayers use it because of the advantages it has. Naturally, there are also certain drawbacks to this system, and we will state both its good and bad sides in this article.

Who can file tax online

Advantages of online tax filingOnline tax filing is available for every tax payer. Naturally, you need to have the computer with the access to the Internet if you want to submit the tax file online. Those who are more tech savvy should have no problem with this process. Still, even those who do not have the necessary skill can ask someone to help them fill the form and file the tax online.

Advantages of online tax filing

Online tax filing has plenty of advantages. First of all, it is faster than paper filing. When you complete the process online, it takes up to 10 days for everything to be completed. On the other hand, paper filing takes at least three weeks. Then, online tax filing is more efficient. You can find everything you need to submit in one place, so there is no way for you to forget some of the forms or file a wrong one. Online tax filing is also more accurate. When you fill the tax return form by hand, there is a chance to take a number from the wrong column or simply write the wrong number. When you do it online, the system can spot the mistake and give you a chance to correct it. This is another aspect that contributes to the efficiency of this principle.

Lastly, some tax payers are possible to file taxes online for free. Depending on your annual income, you can get free file software or free fillable electronic forms. Even if you do need to pay some fees, it will be cheaper than if you did it by paper filing.

Disadvantages of online tax filing

The main disadvantage of this tax filing system is that it requires computer skills. Not everyone has the computer, or if they do, they only know to perform several operations. Even if you do have computer skills, it can be difficult to use a tax software program. It may not be intuitive and user-friendly for some users, so it may actually take you a lot of time to fill the electronic forms and submit them.

Another problem with online filing is tax scams, which occur often, especially around the Tax Day. They include phone calls or emails that require users to either pay the tax immediately, which intimidates some tax payers so they fall for a scam. You can also get an email in which you are asked to update your online tax file. Such emails include a link which leads to a false tax file site, and the scammers use it to steal your personal information. Therefore, if you decide to file tax online, make sure to only access the system through the official website of the IRS and ignore all the emails, because IRS does not contact the tax payers other than through traditional mail.


Hiring A Tax Attorney Like A Pro – Or What To Do When You Know Nothing About Taxes?

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Tax AttorneyManaging your own business is something that a lot of people would like to do. However, even though it is true that such an achievement is inspiring, it is also very demanding. Fortunately for you, you can always hire an expert to help you out with everything you are not sure about.

One such area is surely dealing with your taxes. Not only that you have to be on top of the investments and be informed of all the latest policies, but you have to know what your business require and be able to plan it in an effective and successful way.

Hiring A Professional

I am proud to say that when I know nothing about a particular subject, I am not afraid to admit I know nothing about it. It then when you experience this moment and have an epiphany about hiring someone will know what they are doing. When it comes to your taxes, I would always recommend that you hire a professional especially when it comes to financial planning, bookkeeping and filling tax returns.


If you have basic needs of filling in tax returns than having an occasional business advice, it is also probable that all your needs will be fulfilled by an accountant. Accountants are mostly focused on managing your finances and filling tax returns. On the other hand, tax attorneys deal with legal aspects, and it is certainly useful to learn when you have the need to hire an accountant, as opposed to having the need to hire a tax attorney.

Tax Attorney

AccountantAs it has been previously mentioned, while I’m accountant will suit your general business needs regarding tax filling and business advice. Tax attorney will deal with legal aspects that are involved in financial proceedings. Therefore, lawsuits that deal with IRS, as well as criminal IRS investigations and tax fraud investigations, require that you hire a tax attorney to represent you in court. A tax attorney will also provide you support and assistance when it comes to planning your taxes, and they will be able to provide you with the best possible legal advice. In addition to that, a tax attorney will also be discreet, as they will provide you with the advantage of attorney-client confidentiality.

Hiring The Right Attorney

Hiring the right attorney for your case can certainly be challenging, but there are several things that you should keep in mind, and they will clearly help you with making the right choice.

What Should A Tax Attorney Be Like?

A tax attorney should have had extensive education as well is practice in the text field. Make sure that the tax attorney has passed the tests required to practice tax law but also you should keep in mind that they should hold a CPA license or similar degree in the field of work. In other words, you want to find someone who is not only experienced but also well educated in the tax law field.


The basics of tax deductions, credits and refunds

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Tax Deductions

Tax filing is something that awaits us every year. Still, it can happen that we miss or forget something when the tax filing is due, especially when it comes to tax deductions and refunds. The law changes as well, so it can come in handy that we have a reminder what to do when the tax day comes.

When are taxes due?

First of all, you need to know when the taxes are due. It can easily happen that you forget, so set the reminder for April 15. This is the deadline for you to file the annual tax. In case you forget to respect the deadline, do not panic. Although you will pay some penalties, you can file the tax later, but do not wait too long. If you exceed the period of three years, you will lose the right on a refund.

Credits and deductions

When the time comes to file your tax, you need to pay attention to refundable credits, non-refundable credits and tax deductions. But, you need to know the difference between them above all.

Credits and deductionsTax deductions are there to reduce the amount of money that will be taxed. Deductions are applied to the amount of money you have made, and not the amount of tax. It is usually the sum you spent on expenses, especially those intended for producing additional income. For example, if you make 60,000 dollars a year and the deduction is 1,000 dollars, you will be taxed for 59,000 dollars.

When it comes to tax credits, they can be non-refundable and refundable. They do not reduce the amount of taxable money, but they do reduce the amount of tax you pay. Non-refundable tax credits decrease your tax bill and they are subtracted from the total amount of tax you owe. They can reduce the tax up to the full amount you owe, but not over that. This means that you may pay zero tax tanks to this credit, but you are not entitled to tax refund. Some common examples of non-refundable credits are: child or adoption tax credit, foreign tax credit and mortgage interest tax credit.

Tax refundsRefundable tax credits, on the other hand, can reduce your tax liability to the amount higher than you owe. This means that, if the amount of tax is smaller than the tax credit, you will get the difference in the form of tax refund. Refundable tax credits include additional child tax credit, health coverage, small business health care tax credit, and earned income tax credit.

Tax refunds

When your tax liability is lower than the amount of tax you need to pay, you are entitled to tax refund. This is usually the case when you have some of the refundable tax credits, so the amount of tax ends up being lower than the amount of credit. You are entitled to refund if you receive some of the refundable credits we stated above, and you need to file for a refund at the IRS.

Tax Attorney Shares Some Unbelievable Stories!

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unbelievable-stories-from-tax-attorneyDealing and working with people coming across various stories and being involved in many unbelievable scenarios. It is the same, and it goes for every profession that deals with working with people. At for tax lawyers, tax lawyers often have many unbelievable stories to share. Unfortunately, often backed lawyers are mistaken and branded as accountants, actuaries, and the other profession that seem to degrade their expertise and calling. However, just because tax lawyers are not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the lawyer profession, it is certainly interesting from the aspect that there are many incredible stories to be told by tax attorneys.

Marry Me – Divorce Me!

One tax attorney shared an incredible story about love and marriage and of course taxes. Were those of you who do not know, once people are married and have divorce they do not pay taxes until all the property is divided legally. On the other hand, in cases of cohabitation, taxes need to be paid, and this rule does not apply. One legal case involving a married couple required that the couple paid a whooping tax, on the grounds of their marriage being void, as one party had never got a divorce from their previous marriage.

tax-lawIn this case, tax lawyers found a simple solution for these two people to get a quick marriage and then a quick divorce to avoid paying incredibly high taxes. Luckily for tax attorneys, the strategy worked! But it’s also hilarious that the divorce lawyers wanted a prenuptial agreement that preserved the already agreed to divorce settlement.

Tax Law Rocks!

Pay Taxes

As you can see from this interesting and simple story Tax lawyers, need to be well informed to conduct their legal cases. This is why tax lawyers usually read and reread all the laws and existing cases to be able to find cracks which will allow their clients to avoid paying unnecessary taxes. Having a good tax lawyer is priceless, and finding one is not only a very difficult task, but it is fundamental if you want to be able to deal with your taxes in the right way. You will never see a tax lawyer for a trick in the courtroom, however to be a good tax lawyer you need to go through a lot of experience, years of education and training, and of course to have the motivation to find the best solution for your clients.

Is There A Good Tax?

As for the taxes themselves, many people believe that there is no such thing as a good tax, and they are probably right. However, what you can find is a good tax lawyer will help you navigate your way through sticky legal situations that might stand either a way. Finding a good tax lawyer will certainly help you out in many situations sell it is much better to hire a good start for a lawyer then to pay for taxes you do not need to pay.