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Tax Attorney Shares Some Unbelievable Stories!

Published 2016-10-11 in Tax Law - 0 Comments

unbelievable-stories-from-tax-attorneyDealing and working with people coming across various stories and being involved in many unbelievable scenarios. It is the same, and it goes for every profession that deals with working with people. At for tax lawyers, tax lawyers often have many unbelievable stories to share. Unfortunately, often backed lawyers are mistaken and branded as accountants, actuaries, and the other profession that seem to degrade their expertise and calling. However, just because tax lawyers are not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the lawyer profession, it is certainly interesting from the aspect that there are many incredible stories to be told by tax attorneys.

Marry Me – Divorce Me!

One tax attorney shared an incredible story about love and marriage and of course taxes. Were those of you who do not know, once people are married and have divorce they do not pay taxes until all the property is divided legally. On the other hand, in cases of cohabitation, taxes need to be paid, and this rule does not apply. One legal case involving a married couple required that the couple paid a whooping tax, on the grounds of their marriage being void, as one party had never got a divorce from their previous marriage.

tax-lawIn this case, tax lawyers found a simple solution for these two people to get a quick marriage and then a quick divorce to avoid paying incredibly high taxes. Luckily for tax attorneys, the strategy worked! But it’s also hilarious that the divorce lawyers wanted a prenuptial agreement that preserved the already agreed to divorce settlement.

Tax Law Rocks!

Pay Taxes

As you can see from this interesting and simple story Tax lawyers, need to be well informed to conduct their legal cases. This is why tax lawyers usually read and reread all the laws and existing cases to be able to find cracks which will allow their clients to avoid paying unnecessary taxes. Having a good tax lawyer is priceless, and finding one is not only a very difficult task, but it is fundamental if you want to be able to deal with your taxes in the right way. You will never see a tax lawyer for a trick in the courtroom, however to be a good tax lawyer you need to go through a lot of experience, years of education and training, and of course to have the motivation to find the best solution for your clients.

Is There A Good Tax?

As for the taxes themselves, many people believe that there is no such thing as a good tax, and they are probably right. However, what you can find is a good tax lawyer will help you navigate your way through sticky legal situations that might stand either a way. Finding a good tax lawyer will certainly help you out in many situations sell it is much better to hire a good start for a lawyer then to pay for taxes you do not need to pay.