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Advantages and disadvantages of online tax filing

Published 2016-10-11 in Online Tax Filing - 0 Comments
Online tax

Modern era has brought many advantages and many facilitating tools for our everyday activities. Thanks to computers and the Internet, it is possible to file tax online, using an electronic form and the tax filing software. It is not obligatory to choose this method, yet a majority of taxpayers use it because of the advantages it has. Naturally, there are also certain drawbacks to this system, and we will state both its good and bad sides in this article.

Who can file tax online

Advantages of online tax filingOnline tax filing is available for every tax payer. Naturally, you need to have the computer with the access to the Internet if you want to submit the tax file online. Those who are more tech savvy should have no problem with this process. Still, even those who do not have the necessary skill can ask someone to help them fill the form and file the tax online.

Advantages of online tax filing

Online tax filing has plenty of advantages. First of all, it is faster than paper filing. When you complete the process online, it takes up to 10 days for everything to be completed. On the other hand, paper filing takes at least three weeks. Then, online tax filing is more efficient. You can find everything you need to submit in one place, so there is no way for you to forget some of the forms or file a wrong one. Online tax filing is also more accurate. When you fill the tax return form by hand, there is a chance to take a number from the wrong column or simply write the wrong number. When you do it online, the system can spot the mistake and give you a chance to correct it. This is another aspect that contributes to the efficiency of this principle.

Lastly, some tax payers are possible to file taxes online for free. Depending on your annual income, you can get free file software or free fillable electronic forms. Even if you do need to pay some fees, it will be cheaper than if you did it by paper filing.

Disadvantages of online tax filing

The main disadvantage of this tax filing system is that it requires computer skills. Not everyone has the computer, or if they do, they only know to perform several operations. Even if you do have computer skills, it can be difficult to use a tax software program. It may not be intuitive and user-friendly for some users, so it may actually take you a lot of time to fill the electronic forms and submit them.

Another problem with online filing is tax scams, which occur often, especially around the Tax Day. They include phone calls or emails that require users to either pay the tax immediately, which intimidates some tax payers so they fall for a scam. You can also get an email in which you are asked to update your online tax file. Such emails include a link which leads to a false tax file site, and the scammers use it to steal your personal information. Therefore, if you decide to file tax online, make sure to only access the system through the official website of the IRS and ignore all the emails, because IRS does not contact the tax payers other than through traditional mail.